Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I'm Thankful for St. Anthony

I had a horrible moment yesterday morning.  One of those moments where everything stops around you, and for one second all you can think in your head is, "oh god, what do I do now?"  What happened to me in that moment?

I lost an earring.

This might seem a little dramatic for a lost earring, but you don't understand.  These are diamond earrings, expensive diamond earrings, that were a gift from my husband (although he wasn't that when I got them), did I mention they were diamonds?

I got up yesterday morning the same as always: groggy, eyes a little crusty, left-over make-up a little smeared, and cursing the end of my lovely sleep (well, actually my sleep sucked thanks to my obnoxious new neighbors, more on them later, probably why I was grumpier than usual.)  I took the dog for a walk, still cursing but this time about the cold, came home and took a shower.  After breakfast and a little awful Saturday morning television, I started drying my hair.  That's when I noticed it: one of my ears was naked. 

It was a horrible sight.  I just kept staring at my ear like all of a sudden I would blink and it was just a trick of my imagination, or my sleepy eyes, and I really still had two expensive earrings in.  But it never happened.  I only had one.  So the next step of craziness set in:  hands and knees searching.  I spent the next half an hour on my hands and knees with my head sideways looking all over the carpet to see if I could find it.  I got my coat, hat and scarf out and very carefully inspected them.

At this point I would have kept going but I was already late for week so I left.  When I got home from work, back at it.  I cleaned out my coat closet looking for it, painstakingly pulling every shoe, coat and towel from in there going through them piece by piece.  Next up was my bed, peeling away the sheets and comforters one by one.  Nada mucho.  More hands and knees crawling ensued, with of course nothing to show for it, and then I left for Kristens.  After a few glasses of wine (maybe a whole bottle), Matt stopped by to hang out and bring me home.  On the way home I just blurted it out, and he said okay.  I was like, "umm excuse me?  That's all you're going to say?"  He responds, "I can tell you're upset.  We'll look when we get home, but if you lost it you lost it." 

Hmm... Not exactly the reaction I was expecting, but definitely better.

After we get home, back to the drawing board.  I told Matt that for some reason I had this feeling it was in the bathroom, could be good or bad (drains=evil) so we started there.  While I was on my knees, face twisted around the toilet trying to look behind it, I start telling Matt that I was so upset earlier that I started reciting the prayer to St. Anthony that you say when you can't find something.

Before I can finish "do you want to hear it?"  He blurts out, "is this the back?"  I immediately ran over (well, slid over really because he was about a foot from me in our tiny bathroom) and saw that it was indeed the back to the missing diamond (kind of sounds like a mystery novel...).

My brain started going a hundred miles an hour.  It could still be anywhere, but this was a really good clue.  What seemed like hours later (approximately five seconds in actuality), I spotted it nestled in the crack between the cabinet and the floor.

The mystery was solved!  I found my missing earing as well as a newfound appreciation for St. Anthony!!

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