Friday, May 28, 2010

A Picture Says...

I love these pictures for several reasons.

1. In the top one I am very clearly more interested in my phone and whatever I am texting than the child that I am holding.

2. I'm so interested in texting I don't even notice her sticking her fingers up my nose.

3. As soon as I start paying attention to Hadley, Gracen shows up to try to swipe my phone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Please Hurry Midnight

Why would I be so excited for midnight on a Wednesday you might ask?  Well, 12:01 to be exact.  Because this is not like any other Wednesday.  This is SATC2 premiere night!!  I bought tickets weeks ago and Gammy and I are just wasting some time before it is time to head up to the theatre.  There are very few movies I get this excited about and this is one.  I remember watching the early seasons on VHS in the dorms (thats right, VHS tapes) too many years ago.  I remember watching the series finale crammed in someone's dorm room because they were the only person we knew who had HBO.  I remember crying many times and loving it.  I remember waiting in line to see the first movie two years ago.  And hopefully I will remember going tonight and loving it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Say Ugly!

Matt and I are getting our engagement photos taken tomorrow and I am absolutely terrified.  I'm not exactly the most photogenic person in the world.  My faces in photos are so bad that my sister has threatened for a couple of years now to make a coffee table book with all of my beatiful head shots.  Last year for Christmas I actually made her one on Shutterfly and trust me, there was no shortage of awfully awesome pictures of my face.

To make me feel better, I googled bad engagement photos and these are a few winners.

No matter how bad I look, there is no way that it can be this bad.  Good night of sleep, here I come.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finales, Part Deux

Please don't read if you haven't watched these yet, it will ruin them as my sister ruined GG for me by telling me that someone gets shot, I literally spent the last fifteen minutes going does Georgina shoot Dan for impregnating her?  Do Blair and Serena get shot in Paris?  Maybe Eric goes psycho and shoots Jenny (this is what I wished).  Also, I accidentally read about some of it on-line, but I guess thats what you get for waiting a week to watch the finale.

* Gossip Girl - not a huge fan.  Stupid Jenny and her nasty rat hair had to ruin it for everybody.  And when she sits there crying about how she is alone, no one loves her, etc. I just wanted Eric to go listen up crackhead, stop attempting to/sleeping with other people's boyfriends and maybe everybody won't hate you.  Maybe.  Also, GG writers can you please get Chuck and Blair back together?  They were so close, and I like them so much better when they're together.  I'm guessing that is why you made those mean foreign men shoot Chuck, so Blair will feel awful, will listen to what happened, and they will live happily ever after.  At least that is what happens in my GG. 

Kristen has been baffled/disgusted with my love for Chuck from the beginning, but for whatever reason I like the guy.  I can't even tell you why.  I think it might be the whole transformation from douche bag to stellar boyfriend.  Everyone loves a good transformation story.

* Grey's Anatomy - I don't even know where to begin to put into words what this episode was like to watch.  Unless you watched it, words can't do justice to the emotional rollercoaster that unfolded over two hours of pretty darn good television.  I had to spend a couple of days beforehand catching up on a couple of months worth of GA episodes because it had started to bore me a little and I had fallen behind.  God am I thankful I took that time.  I have several points to make about this episode, so here goes.

 1. Who's idea was it to put Mandy Moore in this episode?  Granted I am slightly biased.  Every since I wasted two hours of my life that I will never get back and am subsequently stupider for wasting my time watching A Walk to Remember I have not fondly thought of her.  Not to mention that she is a really, really, super bad actress.  She has some money right?  Use a little bit to pay for some acting classes, if not for yourself do it for all of us.

2. I was shocked by the magnitude of violence portayed in this episode.  Seems like a pretty stupid statement about a show centered around a gunman in a hospital, but I was definitely not expecting him to shoot Reed straight in the forehead.  Kristen and I both screamed out loud.  I was reading the writers' blog from GA (yes, I have no life) and the creator was saying that she wrote it to be so graphic and shocking (the execution of Reed) because she didn't want anyone to feel sorry for the shooter, didn't want to glamourize the senseless, awful violence he was about to unleash.  Job very well done ma'am.

3. I was surprised by the slow, painful process of the SWAT team clearing out the hospital.  The whole time we're watching it, Kristen and I are yelling why aren't they sending in like 200 swarming men and take that bastard down?  Well, according to the above mentioned blog, she brought in a SWAT guy to walk her through it and that is how they would actually do it.  I guess he would know better than me.

4. If Lexie chooses Alex I'm going to throw up a little out of anger/disgust.  He was saying Izzie's name on his death bed.  He doesn't want you.  Go back to Sloan (who aside from being way hotter is also actually turning into a really sweet guy.) 

5. I'm really upset about the actor they choose for Mr. Clarke (the shooter).  For anyone who watched/watches The West Wing on Bravo (like I do religiously every morning) you will recognize him as Ron, the head of the secret service.  I loved him.  He was strong, silent, and always there in a crisis.  I take my television very seriously and do not like when a good guy plays bad.

6. There were no cliffhangers.  I'm laughing as I'm writing this because like many other people, I scream at the television when something huge happens and you have to wait those awful four months to see what happens next.  I didn't realize how much I would miss it until its gone.  Remember the stellar finale with Denny and in the end Finn and Derek are both saying Meredith and you don't know who she goes with and its so intense...

*LOST - okay so this isn't so much about the LOST finale, mostly because I'm not watching it so I have no comment about what happens.  This is more in sadness that Gammy and I did not watch LOST fast enough to catch up to the finale.  She just finished season four and is starting season five so she is close.  I'm in the middle of season four.  It is so good!  I told Kristen the other day that as much as I'm loving it, I'm kind of glad we waited until the end of the show to start watching it.  Think about it, all of the suckers that watched it from the beginning would get to those stellar season finales and have to wait months to see what happens next.  We just pop in the next disc!  Genius I tell you.

Will someone please buy me these?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dog Park

Since Mother Nature decided to bless us with one nice day this month, Gammy and I decided to take advantage of it and take the dogs to the dog park.  I was a little nervous seeing as how Scout can be a little shy but it actually turned out okay. 

This is Scout very excited for her day at the park.

Scout taking it all in.

Neither of them wanted to go in the water.  They would get close, but not in.

Scout ready to go home.

Baxter wishes he could have stayed.

I think this was the first car ride that Scout actually enjoyed.  Normally she's terrified of them, but on the way to the park Baxter showed her how to put her head out the window.  She loved it.  When we left the park, she actually jumped in the car without me having to shove her in.  My little girl is growing up so fast.

Finale Round Up, Part One

Finales I have watched so far and thoughts (spoiler alert):

* One Tree Hill - quite possibly one of the most boring finales episodes in recent memory.  Very disappointing.  I am fully aware that I am making it glaringly obvious that I watch television like a thirteen year old girl when I admit to things like the fact that I still watch One Tree Hill.  What can I say, I love it.  Well, I did until Monday.  I have a few issues with it, but the largest being that 1. It was boring, 2. Hailey's "depression" I feel like was a laughable representation of depression and 3. Having looney tunes come back and shoot Quinn and Clay at the last second (while surprising) did not make up for the first 58 minutes of boring.

* Gossip Girl - haven't watched yet, it is patiently waiting on my dvr.  I have a feeling that Jenny and her nasty, hot mess of hair will not leave me happy.

* 90210 - Not good.  I would leave it at that, but that is not enough said.  Similar to OTH's issue, kind of boring.  Silver and Teddy get back together (not shocking), Naomi's teacher comes on to her tries to sexually assault her and then says no one will believe her.  Does that happen in real life?  Dixon's parents won't let him go to Australia with his girlfriend because he helped some bad kids break into school to try to steal the SATs.  Pretty sure even if I didn't break into the school, my parents wouldn't let me go to another continent with my boyfriend at 16 or 17 or whatever age they "are".  Annie and Liam are getting close, which I'm sure is going to piss off Naomi.  Is it just me or is that exactly what happened at the end of last season?  Can someone please just murder Jaspar.  He is creepy, and not in an interesting way (yes, it is possible to be interestingly creepy).  I'm sure Liam is going to jail for busting up his face and my roommate and I think he is probably going to end up dead (wishful thinking?)

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy (two hours, woah) which I have not watched in over a month but spent yesterday watching old episodes on-line to catch up, the Mentalist (he finally sees Red John!!), Community, Parks and Rec, the Office, so little time so much to do!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Everything has been getting back on track and for once I haven't been super stressed lately.  I am finally at peace with the fact that I cannot afford to go to Mexico for Suzanne's wedding, and am feeling good about my economical decision.  We got a lot of our bills paid off, including car insurance for the rest of the year, so I have been feeling really good.  And then like usual, the other shoe dropped.

I had today off so I decided to go get my hair did.  I've needed it for a couple of weeks, but lack of time and funds has prohibited that.  I woke up super excited and even got up a little early to take a walk/jog with Matt and Scout.  While driving to my hair appointment my brakes were sounding a little weird, okay a lot weird.  Whenever I stepped on the brakes it sounded like I was dragging something and it was pretty bad.  I don't know a lot about cars (really anything) but I know that is not good.

Being a girl, my hair appointment was more important so I went and decided to drop the car off afterwards.  While they were looking at it I walked to Target to waste some time and got the phone call I was dreading.  $600 to fix my brakes.  $603 to be exact.  I am not happy.  I told Matt in the car on the way home that had I known that his car was going to break down and mine was going to fall apart a little, I definitely would have been more frugal with my choices for our wedding.  A little late for that now.

I guess its back to being stressed about money again.  Yay!  Four months to find some non-existent funds.... I'm going to start praying that I hit it big in Vegas.  That seems like the best idea.

I love my little mama.  She makes today not suck so bad...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited...

Matt and I picked out our invitations!!  Do you like?  I know they're a little different, but we both enjoy Disney so much we figured why not! 

Just kidding!!  I hope no one would really think that this is what I would choose (no offense to anyone that had Mickey on their wedding invitations.)  I won't be putting up our actual invitations, you'll just have to wait and see them when they come in the mail.

I am so excited about the ones we picked.  We got them from this party store in Shawnee.  Suzanne actually recommended it and the woman there who helped me was super nice and incredibly helpful.  When I first got there I was overwhelmed by the number of books of invitations they have, it had to have been close to 50 and each book had at least a hundred inside.  I didn't even know that many combos of invites were possible.  I just started looking through the first book and thank god someone there started helping me or I would have been there all night.

She showed me the two books that had what I was looking for and I knew she was fabulous already narrowing it down to only two.  About the third invitation in, I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.  Like many other details of this wedding, I just immediately knew.  It was already in the colors I wanted so it was very easy to imagine.  We changed the font on one initial and that was pretty much it.  She sent me the proofs yesterday and I could not have been happier.  They were a little more than I would have liked to have spent (what isn't), but they are exactly what I wanted.

I can't believe I'm picking out invitations already!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Five Months to Go!

It is officially five months from our wedding date. Scary!! There is a part of me that feels like we have been engaged forever (almost a year) and just want to get there already. But then there is another part of me that feels like, holy crap I only have five months left. I have so much left to do, more importantly so many things to pay for.... when will I ever find the time and money?

Speaking of wedding related items, Matt and I went to Macy's to create our third (and hopefully final) gift registry. I've always thought the very idea of a registry is just awful and rude. I'm going to invite you to a party to celebrate me, and not only will I expect a gift but I will also tell you exactly what I want. Who thought of this? I know, I know it saves everyone time and effort trying to think of what to get people but I seriously would love to know what that conversation was like when the first person decided to do this. It was probably a guy.

After registering at two other places, I feel like Matt and I have learned some very important lessons. We had a talk on the way there yesterday and decided we were just going to scan absolutely everything we like (to avoid an argument in the middle of a store) and then with the beauty of the internet we can go home and argue later in the comfort of our own home. One problem in check.

So we get there and the woman starts going over their registry program. Its actually kind of cool and I definitely reccomend it to anyone getting married. They give you a percentage of what people buy you back on a gift card for after the wedding so that you can use it to buy more of the things you didn't get. Bravo Macy's, job well done.

You would think we had a game plan and were on our third one, should be fairly easy. Not so. We were there for probably three hours going through things, changing our minds, changing our colors, thinking we were done and finding more things. It was a long day. Total I think we spent a little over five hours at the mall and I'm pretty sure Matt was ready to murder me by the end of the day.

One good thing to come out of this was that I am fairly confident we are pretty close to having our registries tweaked to perfection. We have a couple of choices to make, a few things to delete, a few to add, but we are definitely about done and most certainly ready to start getting some goods! It was a lot harder than I thought, but will definitely be worth it in the end.

Monday, May 3, 2010

So Funny

I've never been a huge Seinfeld person.  I've watched it occasionally, usually find it funny on those occasions, but I'm definitely not obsessed with it.  I found this video on-line today and have watched enough episodes to understand what the clips were originally from.  Somebody had way too much time on their hands, but might be close to genius status.  By the end of this faux-trailer I actually wanted to see this movie.  It is too bad that George doesn't really exist...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Three Favorite Moments From This Week's Parenthood

I just read that they have renewed Parenthood for another season, yay!!  In honor of that fact, here are my three favorite moments from this week's episode:

1. Watching Adam dance for Drew.  Everyone has felt that awkward moment where you realize that your family is ridiculously uncool.

2. Jabbar calling to say he wants to go home because he can't poop at his Aunt's house.  Sometimes you just want to poop in your own bathroom.

3. Sarah - "He's talking about flowers, right?"
    Amber - "No, I think he's talking about your vag."