Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We finally got our invitations sent out last week, after much stress and hair pulling (me doing my own, not anyone else's), and I swear it felt like I gave birth.  I know that sounds like a scary analogy, but for months these invitations have been like my children. 

I spent weeks making decisions about them.  While it didn't take long to pick them out, deciding on details like what color, what wording, which map, etc. was total agony.  Then when I did finally pick them out, they showed up in about 8,000 pieces.  Matt's first words when we got them were, we spent how much and we still have to put them together ourselves?  (Stupid men.) 

So after all of the decision making came all of the manual labor.  Hours went into putting them all together (all 8,000 pieces) and making sure the response cards were stamped and ready to go.  (Can't forget stamps, big no no.) 

Then came the waiting.  We had someone address the envelopes for us and the waiting game became almost unbearable.  Days went by, then weeks with my beautiful invitations just taunting me from the table.  I was terrified that someone would spill on them or one of the dogs would get to them, so then they went into the guest bedroom.  This made me sad too because then I didn't get to see them (trust me, if you spent the time/money I did on these bad boys you would want them constantly around you as well.  See, they are like kids.)

Finally last week the envelopes were in, we got them all stuffed and stamped and out they went.  Besides a few forgotten boyfriends/guests I think they went out without a problem. 

I got home from work yesterday and on the table with the mail were the two most beautiful envelopes I had ever seen.... two responses!  They were both yes, so that made it even better!  I have no idea why I got so excited, but it was awesome.  I can't wait to get more! 

Oh my god I get married in like 40 something days.  Has it really gone by this fast?  Am I really getting my dress fitted this week?  Did I seriously buy my shoes last weekend?  Are those my bridesmaids gifts in the mail?  Where has the time gone.  Hopefully I still have some hair left by wedding time, and I haven't pulled it all out because of stress!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Had a Panic Attack, So I Watched Television

As of yesterday we are under the two months mark.  This may still sound like a long time, but for someone who has already been engaged for fourteen months less than two is like a minute and a half.  I am starting to freak out.  Who are we kidding?  I did that a long time ago....

More wedding updates:
1. Matt and I started our marriage prep classes on Sunday.  Four weeks for two hours every Sunday.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this class.  We do two sections of the book a night.  We start with a small video (which is the only part I don't like because the videos are from the early 90s and are super boring) then fill out questions in our book that pertain to the video.  After we have answered all of the questions, we talk about our answers together.

Matt and I have been dating for over three years so I like to think that we know each other pretty well.  After looking over these questions, it is almost scary how well we know each other.  They were still super interesting though.  They were for the most part things that we would never have discussed on our own.  The second section last night was about baggage and how our personal baggage from the way we were raised can be brought into the marriage and can affect it.  For one question, there were about 30 charactaristics listed out and we had to check off all of the ones that attracted us to our partner.  Then of the check marks, we had to circle the ones that we might be worried about in the future.  (Basically, things that we found cute in the beginning but might eventually cause problems.)  Very insightful.

2. Number two wedding shower is this weekend in Iowa and I am super, super stoked!  Getting more stuff is only one of the reasons why I can't wait!  We are also going to the Iowa state fair and I cannot wait to see some cows made out of things!  Also, I checked my registry again (see previous post as to why I am a crazy stalker) and our family must really like us because there are some really good things are on there.  Makes me really excited to get a kitchen full of brand new stuff!

Now on to the television part...

Bachelor Pad started on Monday and good lord it was awesome.  I made the mistake of venturing over to realitysteve.com so I read some spoilers (by some I mean I pretty much know everything that happens) and it was still totally awesome. 

Crazy Michelle from Jake's season was back and she did not disappoint.  When she locked Tenley in the bathroom saying things like, "you should have never started a rumor about me" I was nearly crying I was laughing so hard.  I only wish she could have stayed longer.  And when Jesse Kovacs was making fun of Elizabeth to Dave, "why didn't you ask me about my date yet?" "Because you were only gone for four hours", Kristen and I were both dying. 

This show is like an updated version of the Real World/Road Rules challenges on MTV, only with people that are slightly less annoying but bring a whole lot more crazy to the table.  The geniuses at ABC also realized what the slower individuals at MTV have yet to figure out: the challenges are secondary to what people really want to see, which is drinking and a whole lot of bootie.  The "challenge" of this week's episode was a giant game of Twister.  It took up all of three minutes, and the other one hour and fifty-seven minutes could be devoted to drinking and fake romance in the making.

Real Housewives of New Jersey was also on, but not much to say other than let's pick it up ladies.  I was not very interested and frankly started getting bored towards the end.  Who takes that many small kids on a cruise around Europe?  Apparently we now know.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Television Update

Unfortunately for me, and Matt and Kristen, I came down with a serious case of hives last night so I didn't really get much good television watching in.  It was the weirdest thing. 

I came home from work totally fine.  Sat down on the couch to watch some tube with Kristen (typical evening activities) and my stomach started to itch.  I figured I attained another mosquito bite and didn't think twice about it.  And then my whole stomach started itching, along with my back, and my arms, and a little bit on my legs.  Hives had taken over my entire mid-section and I was not having it.  I tried taking an oatmeal bath with some Aveeno stuff I happened to have and it did not seem to do a whole lot. 

So I swallowed a bunch of Benedryl and decided to sleep it off in an allergy coma.  When I woke up this morning, nada.  Nothing.  Not even a tiny bit itchy.  The whole thing was very strange....

The one show I did manage to watch last night before being knocked out was Big Brother.  Dear lord I don't even know what to think about this show anymore.  Rachel has become the newest addition to the punching list (someone that if any of us run into them in real life, we have to punch them.)  She gets worse every week!  And did anyone else scream out an exaggerated nooooo when Brendon told her that he loved her last week??  And finally, when they won the movie last night, Brendon talks about how excited he is to take his girl out to a movie.  Am I crazy?  Are these people obnoxious about their three week old romance??

My new pick to win: Enzo.  Love that crazy bastard.  I used to think that it was weird that he named himself Meow Meow, but I recently realized that I absolutely love that he did that.  Him and Lane's reaction to the cat fight last night was priceless.  Love them both.  Final Two!!