Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost Identity

I foolishly thought that after the wedding, all of my stress, work, errands, etc. would be done.  I was indeed foolish.  After the honeymoon comes the fun part: changing your name.

I didn't think it would be that bad, I mean seriously how hard could it be to change one tiny, little thing like your last name?  Turns out it is awful and time consuming.  This is a list of what I've done so far (and yes I say so far because even though we've been married for a month, I'm still not done.)

1. DMV - went by one day after work at 5:15 expecting it to be packed and not be able to get in before they close at 5:45 (seriously who closes at 5:45).  I walked in and almost died of shock.  There was not one person in there besides myself and the employees.  Zero.  NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.  I almost peed my pants with excitement when this awful woman comes over and poos all over my dreams.  I don't have proof of my new address on me.  Sidenote - I ALWAYS have some bill or something floating around in my purse.  I chose the day before DMV visit to clean the purse out.  Lesson learned, do not clean out purse.  Anyway, she told me I would have to come back the next day.  I did and waited in line for over an hour.  I hate the DMV.

2. Social Security Office - after finding this hidden gem, I figured I wouldn't have to wait that long.  How many people visit the Social Security office, right?  Wrong.  I waited again for over an hour.  One positive note, they at least have a better waiting system and after pulling a number I waited in my comfy office chair instead of the awful DMV line.  I hate the DMV.

3. Passport- this one actually seemed to be the easiest and is turning out to not be so much.  I found a form on their website that stated that all I had to do was fill out the form, send it with a copy of my marriage license and they would send me a new one.  Wrong.  I got a letter in the mail from the state department stating that this is only the case if I've had my passport for less than a year.  I've had mine for six.  So I have another form, money, and who knows what else I have to send to the government to get a new one.

4. Credit Cards - these seem to be the easiest.  I have contacted two of the four cards I have to get a new one.  (Yes, I have four credit cards.)  I've gotten one in the mail, one I'm waiting on, and I still haven't contacted the other two.

5. Bank cards - I love my bank but they are making me so irritated right now.  I went in last week to get a new debit and ATM card.  Thought it would be easy (paperwork was) and then she tells me okay they should come in the mail in the next 7-10 business days.  And oh yeah, your current cards won't work until you get new ones.  Come again??  You don't realize how much you  use your debit card until you can't.....

6. Work - this is where my lost identity comes into place.  My work couldn't change my name with human resources until I sent them a copy of my new ss card, which I had to wait a week for.  So yesterday I get an e-mail from Chicago telling me that they got my new card and were changing my info.  Then I got an e-mail from IT telling me that they were setting up my new log-in/e-mail and it should be up and running today.  So today I come in and can log in but only my personal e-mail works, and it only works if you e-mail my old address (it gets forwarded) but if you e-mail my new one it gets sent back.  And I can't get into the community's e-mail.  And I can't get into our company database (where we do EVERYTHING).  So I'm sitting here, waiting for my weekend to start (4 days baby!) and can't really do anything.

Is it 5:30 yet??

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Jenny said...

It is a lot of work to change your name. I never thought it would be though!