Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fill In the Blank Friday (Saturday really, close enough)

1.   My Halloween plans this year will include       Two parties Saturday (probably won't stay long, I think I'm getting sick) and then no plans for the actual day.  I know it sounds lame, but if Halloween is not a weekend night and you don't have kids there really isn't much else to do.

2.  My most memorable Halloween costume was   I don't remember exactly how old I was, I would guess 10 or 11, but for whatever reason I decided I wanted to be a troll doll for Halloween.  My mom made me this huge outfit, which made my arms and legs tan like a Troll doll and I think I was wearing a blue felt dress.  Then we bought a Troll mask with the big hair and everything.  This is my most memorable because I learned a big lesson that day.  Never buy a mask with no mouth holes.  My entire face was covered in sweat and condensation from my own breath all night.  While I might have been a lot warmer than other kids, I thought I was going to die from heat exhaustion half the night.

3.  For Halloween this year I'm going to be       I can't share that yet, it's a surprise.  But don't get too excited, I think it's funny but it's nothing spectacular.  Still trying to stick with a budget to get all of the wedding stuff paid off.

4.  I've always wanted to dress up as   I don't know if I have any costume aspirations.  As long as I find something each year (good, bad, or ugly) I consider it an achievement.

5.  Halloween free association!      candy, pumpkins, candy, pumpkin seeds and candy!!

6.  The worst thing about Halloween is    the cold.  I feel really bad for the little kids.  Oh, and the girls that choose really slutty outfits and then "make up" something they're supposed to be.  Just be honest, you're dressed up like a whore.
7.  The best thing about Halloween is       dressing up.  I love seeing all of the creative people out there (mostly because I am not very creative.)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mrs. Sharkany

It's official (well it was 3 weeks ago) I'm married!

Everything went really well, almost perfect, and I kept telling Matt that we must have done something right because I definitely felt like someone was watching over us that day.  The weather was beautiful (sunny, clear, warm but not too hot) which for around here seems very rare.  The ceremony was perfect with no one fainting (thats a long time to kneel), no one spilling anything on their clothes, and my beautiful niece even walked ran down the aisle darn near flawlessly.

The reception was awesome.  I was stressed for weeks about how much food and alcohol to order and I think we did almost perfect on that as well.  We drank almost all of the alcohol (some people might have had TOO much fun but I'm not naming names) and we saved most of the wine we had left over (for anniversaries, special occasions, etc.)  The food got rave reviews and the tiny bite that I had to eat was really good.  I would have loved to have eaten more, but by the time we ate I had been wearing my dress for almost seven hours and that is not an easy piece of clothing to eat in.  Or drink in.  Or dance in.  But it looked great!!

It feels so incredibly weird (in a good way) and at the same point feels like nothing has changed.  The entire time we were in Mexico (which was also awesome) I kept having to remind myself we were really married.  Every time I saw Matt's ring on his hand it was like wow, we really did it.  The day after we got back, Kristen came over to watch Dancing (with the Stars, and yes I am embarassed that I watch it) and said something to Matt about his wife.  I think it was the first time I heard someone else say it.  And with that sentence it was real.  I am someone's wife.

And I feel totally like Monica, but there is a tiny part of me that is sad that I will never get to do it again!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Today has been both good and bad.

It is the first time in six years that I've gone to work today: bad.

I finally talked to the limo company and I think I have things worked out : good.

Have to get more alcohol/ice/cups for the limo (trolley): bad.

Programs are ready: good.

Have to fold programs: bad.

Only 1.5 days of work left: good.

1.5 days of work left: bad.

Got to watch most of Gossip Girl on my lunch break: good.

Had to come back from lunch: bad.

Let the dog out over my lunch break: good.

Still have over an hour left of work: bad.

Might go see Social Network this week: good.

I am officially poor: bad.

I am getting married in five days!!!!  GOOD!!!