Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad Child

I've talked before how lucky we are to have been blessed with such a good dog.  She really is wonderful and I really can't imagine life without her anymore, but lately she has been acting out. 

We went to my dad's last sunday for dinner and I brought her with us.  I took her out in his backyard and played fetch with her for awhile and she went to the bathroom while we were out there, so when we went inside I didn't really watch her (because I never do) and let her wander as she always does.  After we left I got a text from my dad letting me know that we forgot a couple of things there.  One was my sunglasses.  The other was the pile of dog doodie that Scout left in his computer room.  Oopsies.

Then last night, I noticed that my little angel had been chewing on the wall.  Yeah, you read that right.  In our new apartment there is this molding on the wall at the bottom that is in squares (really hard to describe) in the dining room.  At some point Scout had chewed off the corner of it.  Considering it is white and she chewed through to the tan wood, it is really obvious what she did.  Now not only are we going to have to pay for it, I have to walk by and look at it every day.

I know these might seem like minor things, but Scout has never taken a shadoobie in the house.  Ever.  Even when we first got her.  She pretty much never chews on things either.  I am worried this is only going to get worse.  If I had to use my professional pet psychiatry skills, I would guess this is due to moving and her being away from her buddy Baxter.  I hope she gets used to it soon.  I don't like being mad at her and we're not sharing custody of the kids with Kristen so things are not exactly going to change any time soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bacheloretting it Up

Last night was my second event to celebrate my impending loss of my single status.  In order words, my second bachelorette party.

We had a blast in Vegas, but decided to go out once here for those who weren't able to make it.  We started with dinner at the 75th St. Brewery followed by drinks, drinks at Lew's and finally more drinks at Tanner's.  I had a lot of fun but learned one very important fact: I can't drink anymore.  I don't enjoy it, especially the next morning.  I have basically felt like crap all day today.  I think that two should be my limit from now on, unless for special occasions.  Three might be okay then.

I didn't take any pictures last night because my camera crapped out in Vegas and I never got a new one, so here are some pics from Vegas. 

Getting ready to leave and the view coming in:

Hitting up the airport casinos.
Does the real Caesar live here?
Swim up Casino, we should bring those here.
The two best things to do in Vegas: gamble and eat!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

So much time, so little to do... wait....

This week was spent trying to squeeze in final meetings, finalize lists, finalize music, finalize programs, you know the drill.  I think I am finally ready for this.  We met with the reception hall, the caterer and the florist.  I've set two hair appointments for the next two weeks (final cut/color, practice run), final dress fitting, meeting with the cake lady, another wedding to attend, AND another bachelorette party for me.  Oh yeah, somewhere in all of this I'm pretty sure I still have a job to go to (god I hope I do).

One HUGE gripe from this week.  I swear if I hear, "sure, but that will be extra" one more time I'm going to hurt someone.  They don't tell you all of this a year ago when you book them.  They say things like, "ok", and "I'm sure we can figure something out."  FYI - if anyone ever says to you, I'm sure we can figure something out, that translates to "we can do it, but you're going to be paying for it, and we're not cheap." 

If we can get through the next three weeks without killing each other and with at least a little scrilla to take on the honeymoon, I feel like I will be a much more relaxed person after this is all over.  Speaking of that, I thought of something yesterday which had never hit me.  What am I going to do when we're finally married?  How will I spend my lunch breaks, evenings and weekends?  What will people talk to me about?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I feel like we're playing the waiting game.  Waiting for people to RSVP (please reply, don't you like me?  Don't you want to come to my wedding?  Even if you don't want to come, at least tell me.  I just want to know.)

Waiting to pay final bills.  Actually, dreading paying everything off.  Hoping to get everything paid for.

Waiting to move.  That is right, we are moving in the small amount of time between now and when we get married.  I can thank my lovely future husband for that.  While it will be nice to come home from our honeymoon to our lovely apartment that is all ours, the thought of the hectic moving process being thrown into all of this is daunting to say the least.  Terrifying comes to mind.

Waiting to get all of the players in our wedding nailed down.  Again, that is right.  We have had more than one person who is in the wedding cancel on us in the last week.  Awesome, perfect timing.  I thought a wedding, in part, is supposed to be a reminder of everyone in your life that loves you and all of them coming together to celebrate you and your union.  So far, a large part of me is not feeling the love.

Waiting to be married.  I'm ready.